Your holiday starts here!

Il Battello is much more than a simple Bad & Breakfast. It is the dream of Gianluca and Barbara that is realized: a small structure, nestled in the heart of Cesenatico, where you can spend an unforgettable holiday. An evocative place that will make you savor all the flavors of Romagna hospitality. Welcome on board!

The Bed & Breakfast

Il Battello is a new Bed & Breakfast located in the historic centre of Cesenatico, only a few minute walking from the beach and 150 mt far from the famous “Porto Canale” designed by Leonardo Da Vinci.
The perfect place if you want to discover and live 100% our region and our customs.
Il Battello: A fantastic experience in the heart of Cesenatic.

Meet the Foschi Family

  • Gianluca & Barbara (The owners)
    “Cesenatico is a place where we have very important memories regarding our life: In this house we came home and lived after the birth of our first daughter. The opportunity of going back to the same place that welcomed the root of our family, and being able to open the door to more and more people, make us feel very excited and happy about this whole new journey. We are ready to welcome you all to our house, a warm and enjoyable place where we want to start to create more memories and good moments with you all".
    Gianluca & Barbara (The owners)
  • Italo & Giovanna, The
    "We are really happy and proud to see them creating this project, which is an all new chapter in the story and tradition started in the house from my wife's parent Ezio and Fernanda. We really admire the enthusiasm and the braveness Gianluca and Barbara decided to embrace with this project, and we are especially proud of the reason behind it which is the love for their daughters and the opportunity to give them a good future".
    Italo & Giovanna, The "Nonno & Nonna"
  • Elisabetta (the daughter)
    "My parents met while they were working in a hotel, during the summer many years ago. After then they took a different way, working in a completely different industry; but they always kept that love for the hospitality and that passion to create memories and good moments for someone else. It has always been their retirement dream, opening a Bed & Breakfast and being able to live their entire life surrounded by people. With all the love and passion they had growing up my sister and I, with the friendliness they always welcomed all our friends and even people they did not know, and with the energy with what they always stood up from difficulties and hard moment in life, I am 100% sure this is the right path for them, and that their big heart will take them very far! And now we are finally ready to realize your dream mum and dad, and I could not be any prouder than this of you!”
    Elisabetta (the daughter)
  • Federica (the daughter.)
    "The b&b is a new adventure for my family. My parents decided to start it because of what that place meant to them, they could not just sell the property and let all those memories go with it. This new challenge really makes them happy, and it is easy to see how excited they are in their faces. This is a new chapter that we are writing in the story of my family, and it really makes me happy and proud of them seeing how they kept going, how they went through all the difficulties and obstacles of starting a new business. It is an amazing example for everyone, and for myself especially, to see how strong their love is for the family and how big their hearts are. It surprised me to see how my family is even closer and stronger than before. We are now all ready and excited to sail for this new journey together on our Battello"
    Federica (the daughter.)