Our rooms, in honor of the maritime museum, have the names of the boats that characterize the canal of Cesenatico: Trabaccolo, Battana, Bragozzo, Lancia, Paranza, and a name we borrowed from Rimini, Verigola. Each one of them with different furniture and different characteristics: find out more about each one of them!


Majestic and sensual Trabaccolo is the suite of Il Battello. With a hat shaped chandelier that takes almost the entire room, an extra comfortable open air bed, and a fabulous bath from where, while having a warm and perfumed bath, you can enjoy the entire wall with a photo of our harbor taken by our friend M. Zavalloni.


Bragozzo is a triple room that, with tones of pink combined with a pale green, gives a fresh and regenerating touch. In the private bathroom there is a box-shower with a shower seat from where you can enjoy a neck massage thank to the waterfall form the back wall.


We like to call Paranza the relax room. Surely because of the box-shower with the waterfall and the shower seat, but also because of the delicate tones of the d├ęcor of the room. The vintage pink and dove grey of the walls, combined with the cream of the bedside table, will give you a sense of relax and peace that will make you feel like you do not want to leave.


An elegant association of white and blue tones, Lancia give you a real maritime style experience. With a private bathroom and a lovely balcony on Viale Mazzini, this room is the perfect choice if you are a travelling couple.


A warm and welcoming nest for those who travel alone, Verigola is the only single room at Il Battello, and it comes with private bathroom and a balcony on Viale Mazzini.


Spacious and welcoming, Battana is our option for the family, or to those who like to have a lot of space. With an entrance area that takes you to the room, Battana is 18 square mt. , with a private bathroom and a balcony on Viale Mazzini.